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  • We Need Your Help At Walla Wall Park

    Posted September 15, 2014

    Coaches and Parents we need assistantance or we are in jeopardy of losing fields at Walla Walla.  Every night the last team must move the goals into the "dirt" backstop area and lock them in pairs to the backstop fence.

    We need your help on this for the last game every night and on Saturdays.  Dragging them and locking them up in the dirt infields is a must.  The PUD really appreciates our assistance with the goals.  Goals left out create a liability for the irrigation systems.  As they impact irrigation causing dry spots wet spots when they hit goals.  This has increased PUD maintenance over an hour in these areas since soccer has started. If GWSC can't get compliance with this issue we are going to need to make some changes to the current system with will cost money and have much less flexibility for our teams.

    Thank you for your help, this is everyone's responsibility, not just the coach's, we all need to pitch in on this one!

  • FREE Goalie Clinic

    Posted September 10, 2014
    GWSC is offering FREE Goalie training for GWSC players and coaches.
    This is a great opportunity for players and coaches to learn more about goal keeping techniques. Goal keepers are key players on the field and getting extra training can be extremely beneficial for the entire team. 
    DATES: SEPTEMBER 23, 24,25
    TIMES:  AGES U8-U10 4:30 - 5:30
            AGES U11 AND UP 5:45 - 6:45
    CESAR CEPPI has played professional soccer in Brazil as a goal keeper since 2004.  He has ran a multitude of soccer clinics in Brazil and in the US, he is currently one of the goal keeper coaches for Wenatchee United FC.  
    COLIN BENHAM-MARIN  currently plays as the Goal keeper for the Wenatchee United FC Semi-pro team.  He was awarded the "Safe Hands" award by West Coast Goalkeeping last season. 
    Both of these trainers have allot to offer!
  • Free Coaching & Team Development Clinics

    Posted September 3, 2014
    Coaches and Assistants
    GWSC is offering free coaches and team development clinics. 
    U6 through U9 the developmental and coaches training is on the game schedule PDF on the website.  Please see that info for the dates and times for RSVP info. 
    U10 and up please note the following:
    Boys U8 - U14
    Location WW#3 (#3 is for the backstop baseball field at Walla Walla)
    Dates 9/8, 9/22, and 10/6
    Time 6:45pm to 8:00pm
    please RSVP to
    Girls U8-U14
    Location WW#3 (#3 is for the backstop baseball field at Walla Walla)
    Dates 9/8, 9/22, and 10/6
    Time 5:15pm to 6:30pm
    please RSVP to
  • Game Day Procedures for Fall 2014

    Posted August 21, 2014
  • Get Involved! Open Board Positions!

    Posted February 6, 2014

    We have available Board positions for VP, East Wenatchee Field Director, Coaching Directors for Fall and Spring Boys and Girls. Contact for more information.

Greater Wenatchee Soccer Club - Contact

The Greater Wenatchee Soccer Club is a recreational soccer club serving families and children in the Wenatchee and East Wenatchee Valley. We currently have a working administrative relationship with the Wenatchee Sportsplex but act independently as club. For questions regarding recreational soccer please contact the Greater Wenatchee Soccer Club directly at (509) 881-8533 or

Welcome to 2014 Spring Soccer Season

To Parents of Fall 2014 Players.

Thank you for registering your child for the 2014 Fall season of rec soccer. The GWSC is committed to providing a fun and positive learning experience for your child to advance their soccer skills, interact with their peers as part of a team, and instill a love for the game. The coaches and most board members are volunteers that donate their time and talents for your children. We hope that you show your appreciation on a regular basis for these individuals. The referees you will see are mostly young children learning to do a job and earn a few bucks. The GWSC expects all parents and players to be respectful of others and refrain from conduct that takes away from the positive experience intended for all those involved. If conduct occurs that is not in line with expectations, parents will be asked to leave or players will be carded (see parent and player codes of conduct on the website). Please hold yourselves and others accountable for their behavior so we can have a great season. Also, be respectful of the facilities by picking up any trash left behind on the field, even if its not yours. Parking on the grass is not acceptable and bringing pets is not allowed, even tiny ones. We thank you in advance for upholding these expectations.

Beginning August 18 coaches will receive their roster and begin contacting players. If a parent has not heard from their coach by Sunday 24th they sound email us at Coaches will dictate time and location of practices.

The Club provides a jersey for your child for games. You are responsible for providing the rest of the uniform including black shorts, black socks, shin guards and soccer cleats (no metal). Attire for practices is less formal but should include shin guards and cleats. Be sure that your child brings a water bottle with them to practices.

Weather can be unpredictable. We will continue with games during poor weather with the exception of lightening. Game cancellations will be communicated through the coaches as well as the website.

For questions or further information, please visit the website Let's have a great season!

Thank you to our Sponsors, Coaches & the School Districts!

Please join us in thanking our Sponsors, Coaches and the School Districts! We wouldn't be able to run our league without them!

Espinoza, Miguel (E. Wen) Wen Ped Dentistry
Gutierrez, Marco (St. J/RA/St. P) Columbia Pediatrics
Russell, Lisa (E Wen) Empire Records Shredders
Torres/Cass (Mixed) CVCH
Vega, Pier (WA) Aaron Jones Construction
Brandt, Frank (Mixed) Wen Emergency Physicians
Devereaux, Scott (Mixed) Smile Bugg
Flynn, Brandon-Flynn Pkg
Garcia, Marco (Linc/MV) Wilbur Ellis
Gebers, Sydney (St. J) Stemilt
Hutsell, David (Grant) Wen Ped Dentistry
Ingram, James (RA/Seeds) Stemilt
Jaramillo/Limon (EW) Firefly
Davenport, Meagan (LC) Smile Bugg
Fulbright, Justin (Mixed) Colonial Vista
Johnson, Kyle (Private) CVCH
Jones, Aaron (Malaga) Aaron Jones Construction
Miller/Garcia (NB) CMI Apples
Stegeman, Niki (WA) Wen Ped Dentistry
Batt, Aaron (Grant) Town Toyota
Cockrum, Kristy (MV/Linc) Wen Ped Dentistry
Flynn, Dan (NB/St. P) Flynn Pkg
Montoya (Cascade) Chelan Fresh
Pefferman, Ben (Kenroy) Northern Fruit
Purdom, Jake (WA/SS) Collier Redal, PLLC
Brownlee, Mark (SS) Wen Ped Dentistry
Coble, Candis (Former Aman) Brad Huddle
Fischer, Letti (Cascade) Campbell Creek Ranch
Mcourtie, Anton (St. P) Colonial Vista
Meza, Maria - Complete Design
Stewart, Marcianne (WA) Wen Emergency Physicians
Zaldivar, Wilber (St.J/Lee) Interwest Comunications
Espinoza, Miguel (Ken/Grant/Linc) Oneonta Star Ranch
Fleisher, Nic (E.Wen) Homchick, Smith + Assoc
Mendoza, Armando (Mixed) Johnson, Gaukroger, Smith, Marchant
Vega, Pier (WA) McDonalds
Velazquez, George (SS) Wilbur Ellis
Vidana, Mario (LC) Johnson, Gaukroger, Smith, Marchant
Zumach, Ty ( St.P) Michelsen Packaging
Bergan, Derek (Cascade) McDonald's
Cosina, Alex (Linc) Cosina's Carpet Cleaning
Hernandez, Juan (SS) Vocational Connection
Hughes, Michele (NB) Tyler Gundersen, DDS
Sorom, Martin (LC/SS/WA) Wen. Anethesia
Waterhouse, Jon (Mixed) Haglund's
Baird, Corey (MV/Linc) Complete Design
Byington, Billy (Ken/Lee) Godfather's
Goodell, Cindy (WA/Col) Wen Anethesia
Henley, Shelby (E Wen) Parsons
Taylor, Spencer (NB) Libke
Barboza, Cristian (LC) Town Toyota
Batt, Aaron (Mixed EW) Oneonta Star Ranch
Dilley, Amy (Newbery) Haglund's Trophies
Nelson, Dave (SS) Godfather's
Saberhagen, Felicity (St. J) Northern Fruit
Stegeman, Niki (WA) Eckert Construction
Parrish, Mike (Linc/MV) Stemilt
Reams, Nick (NB) Brad Huddle Agency
Torres, Jesus - 1st Choice Collision
Wisen, Matt And Mo (LC) Plaza Super Jet
Brandt, Sam (WA) Ice Lakes
Gundersen, Tyler (NB) Tyler Gundersen, Dds
Larson, Wendy (Cashmere) Hankin's Family Dentistry
Logan, Raymond (Purdom) (WA/LC) Columbia Pediatrics
Rodriguez, Ashley (SS) Michelsen Pkg
Cosina, Alex (Mixed) Cosina's Carpet Cleaning
Flynn, Brandon (Mixed) Campbell Creek Ranch
Dooley, Bill (RA) Parson's
Packwood/Henke (WA) Interwest Communications
Schmidt, Desiree (Mixed )CMI Apples
Lehman, Larry (Mixed) Collier, Redal, Pllc
Fontane, Jim( Mixed) Ice Lakes
Groth, Duane - 1st Choice Collision
Anderson, David (Mixed) Plaza Super Jet
Goodell, Doug (WA)Firefly
Hefner, Amy (Mixed) Empire Records Shredders
Rodriguez, Ivan (Mixed) Aaron Jones Construction
Wenatchee School District Use Of Fields
East Wenatchee School District Use Of Fields

If You Are Interested In Sponsoring And Coaching, Please Email Us At:

Gear Up For Soccer!

A soccer jersey will be provided for your child. You will need to provide the following:

  • black shorts
  • black socks
  • water bottle

Suggested places to purchase:

  • Futbol era
  • The Sports Outlet
  • Big 5
  • Walmart

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