No matter how much experience you have as a player or coach, you can still discover better ways to improve each individual player's skill and technique and the overall play of your team. Visit our Player Development page to find videos, books, and websites we recommend to help you become a better coach.
Training & Game Day resources


There is a 2 hour coaching course just for coaches prior to the season starting.  That will be Wednesday August 28, at Lewis & Clark Elementary from 6-8pm.

If anyone is interested in taking a 11v11 Diploma Course.  United SC & OPS FC are co-hosting at the Apple Bowl August 20-21 from 6pm-9pm.  Cost is $75 for the 6 hour course.  Coaches that would like to go - please have them contact Mike Osborn at 509-670-7047 or






 U9/10 rule:  Attacking players will need to retreat to behind the build out line on a goal kick, but they may cross back over the line as soon as the ball is kicked. They do not have to wait for the ball to clear the penalty area.  Also, during a goal kick, the defending team is able to play the ball to a teammate within the penalty area. 

Training Resources for Coaches

U6 Player Development & Coaching Curriculum

U8 Player Development & Coaching Curriculum

Other helpful websites

 FIFA This is the governing board of soccer worldwide. If you want a thorough explanation of all the soccer rules and regulations this is the place.

WASHINGTON STATE YOUTH SOCCER ASSOCIATIONThis is a good resource for finding relevant information to soccer within our state such as statewide tournaments, rules and regulations, etc.

Disputes And Complaints
Unfortunately, every season there are disagreements regarding rules, calls (or lack of calls), other parents and/or coaches conduct or behavior. First and foremost, don't compound the problem by becoming part of the problem. Second, you are responsible for your parents. Under no circumstances are coaches, players, or parents to question a ref's call or be confrontational with an opposing coach or parent. If you know you lost your composure, please apologize to the referee, other coach, or parent. After the game please email, so we can resolve the matter.

Important Documents & Forms For Coaches