Welcome To The Wenatchee Soccer Club Registration Page

When you register your child to participate in the Wenatchee Soccer Club, you and your child are agreeing to abide by our code of conduct. Should you or your child fail to adhere to our standards, you and/or your child may be restricted from participating. No refunds will be granted to individuals who have been restricted.



Registration cost is $90 per player. Should openings still remain, late registrations will be taken in date of order with a $35 service fee. This allows sufficient time to recruit coaches and order uniforms. Registration for Fall soccer season is not yet currently open.

Returning players who register by the due date may request a specific team or coach. Please note, all requests will be considered but not guaranteed. Also, be aware not all coaches coach both Fall and Spring season. If you have a special request, registering early helps your chances of your request being honored. Special requests are taken in order recieved.

WE NEED COACHES! Coaches are vital to the success of our program. As a thank you for your service, we will allow the child of each teams' Head Coach to PLAY FOR FREE! (One per team, one per coach). Coaches will receive their reimbursement soccer equipment is returned, background is completed, all online required courses are completed, and one academey session is attended. Coaching experience is not necessary! We provide the training and mentorship you need to get started! The more coaches that volunteer, the more children are able to play.

We offer one Walk-in registration night at the Pioneer Middle school commons area. The date will be announced soon.


Why choose GWSC?
Why choose Greater Wenatchee Soccer Club?
We have over 30 years of Recreational Soccer League experience, hosting 125+ teams per season.
We are committed to developing players of all skill level with additional training opportunities available that are free to those that are interested through our Academy program.
A volunteer staff that is committed to keeping costs low for our families while providing a positive experience.
Greater competition opportunites as we have more teams and game agreements with Cashmere and Leavenworth clubs.
Thank you for your support! We look forward to seeing you this Spring.
Greater Wenatchee Soccer Club

There are 2 ways to register:
  1. Online - The fastest and easiest method to register your child is by registering online. *Before you begin please note: Your child's age group. The age chart can be viewed to the left of this page. Please note: WA Youth soccer and US club soccer DO NOT permit playing down in age! There may be rare instances where we will need to combine age divisions, example U5&U6, U11&U12, U13&U14.
  2. * The system will ask you for your username and password. If you've never registered online or have never played spring soccer with the Wenatchee Soccer Club, you'll have to set up an username and password. If you don't know your username and password, choose the option "I forgot my account information." It will be emailed to you.

    All questions or concerns should be directed to the club email to wenatcheesoccer@gmail.com. Emails to volunteers personal emails will be forwarded there as well.

    To ensure a hassle-free registration, please have your credit/debit card and children's information ready PLEASE NOTE THAT WE FOLLOW THE BIRTH YEAR RULE in accordance with US Club's birth year age change.
  4. Walk-In registration - .WALK IN REGISTRATION IS OFFERED 1 DAY PER SEASON. . There will l be the ONLY one walk in registration date for each season.Walk-in Registration for Spring 2020 is February 6th from 6-8 pm at Pioneer Middle school Auditorium.
Registration Information:
  • Registration Fee: The registration fee is $90 per player if you register before February 20th for Spring Season. If you register on or after February 21st , the cost is $125, and registrations will be accepted only if there are spaces available in the age group. Please see our frequently asked questions below with regards to the usage of your funds. Regular Fall registration normally goes from May 7th - June 11th Late registration is from June 12th - June 21st. Due to COVID 19, Fall registration dates will be different this year and are currently undetermined for Fall 2020 season. Fall registration has not opened yet.

Wenatchee Soccer Club
PO Box 3619
Wenatchee, WA 98807

  • Phone: 509.881.8533

*Please Note: Parents, every season we need parents to volunteer as coaches. Particularly at the younger ages, we need a lot of coaches because the teams are smaller. You may be asked to help coach your team. We will provide you the material and instructions, so you may help your young superstars. If no one from your team will not volunteer to coach, your team will simply play without a coach. To register as a coach, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are teams formed?
Players are assigned to teams using the following guidelines with priority given in the following order:

  1. Prior returning players to the same season team, unless otherwise requested.
  2. School of attendance based upon the majority of the players on the team.
  3. Date registration was received
  4. Parental requests (REQUESTS ARE NOT GUARANTTED)

What age should my child play?
Can my child play up? You may request your child to play up one year. However, our experience is most children are not ready physically for this jump. Please see our BIRTH YEAR AGE CHART The system will not allow you to register your child up a year, therefore you will need to register your child in their birh year age and then if requesting to play up, please input your request in the special request portion during registration. Please make sure to state the reason for the request. We cannot guarantee every player that requests to play up will be able to do so. PLAY UP REQUESTS MUST BE MADE AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION ON THE REGISTRATION FORM. Play ups are NOT allowed for convenience and will only be approved for players who demonstrate expectional skill beyond that of those at their correct age division. Past coaches will be consulted to determine skill, and therefore U5/U6 and players who did not play for GWSC the previous season will not be considered. Even if a U5-U7 player played for GWSC, play ups to U7 and U8 will only be approved with demonstrated skill that far exceeds that of his correct age peers and may require an on field review by our board members, as it is very rarely in the best interest of the child.

* Please note the Birth Year age rule: your child's age category is based upon birth year. (Example: If your child was born on 1/1/11, you will register for U10. If your child was born in 12/31/11 you will still register for U10 (under 10). AGE GROUP CHART

Can I play my child down an age group?
No, we are not allowed to play children below the designated age group provided by Washington Youth Soccer and US club soccer.

Can I play my child UP an age group? We will consider play UP for players aged U9 and older. Players will only be placed on an older team if we feel they are capable of playing in the older age division.

Can I play in both Rec and Select/Premier soccer?No currently rostered Rec player can play on another higher level team. However, past Select/Premier players can choose to play at Rec if they are no longer playing at Select/Premier level

Can I request a specific coach or team?
You may request a specific coach or team, but we can't guarantee your request will be honored due to our team formation rules. See above.

Why can't I be on my Fall team? (This applies to Spring Soccer only)
Spring soccer is separate than Fall. Not only don't we always have access to other club's records, but we can't guarantee the same coaches and players will participate.

When do games start?
Schedules will be released before the season starts. All coaches will be notified once the schedules are completed and they will be distributed and posted on the web site. Fall season games will normally start the week after school starts and will run through October. Spring season games will normaly start after Spring break and go until mid-May. Due to COVID 19 Fall 2020 season dates my be different from previous years.

When does registration begin and end?
Spring 2019 registration begins in January and ends in February.Fall registration normally begins in May and runs through June. Late registrations will be accepted only if space is still available and with a $30 late charge. Due to COVID 19 there will be a delay in the Start of Fall registration this year.

What are the fees for?
Registration fees cover our club's association fees, state fees, district fees, insurance, equipment fees, education for our coaches, clinics, fields, mailings, and other items.

Where can I purchase soccer shorts and socks?
We require solid black socks and shorts. These can be purchased at Futbol Era across from Liberty Cinema in downtown Wenatchee.

When are practices?
Practices are up to each individual coach. You should hear from your coach no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of the season. You can anticipate practices to start at the end of Summer for Fall soccer season and the in mid-March for Spring season.

What will our schedule be like for spring and fall season?
We will try to provide the game schedules two weeks prior to the start of the season. However, you should plan on playing games on Saturdays and another day during the week. Fall season games will kick off a week after school starts and end in mid October. Spring season games start after spring break and end in mid May.

Can I request a different coach or team?
You may request a different coach or team, but we can't guarantee your request will be granted. However, the sooner you register the more likely we can accommodate your request.

Are scholarships available?
We do provide some scholarships. To apply for a scholarship, please fill out our Scholarship Form and return back to address listed on form along with the required documentation.
Incomplete applications or those without the required documents will not be considered. We will give 15 awards in the order in which complete applications are received. Applications must be filled out and sent to the address by June 22nd, 2018 for Fall season and by February 20th for Spring season. Click here to download Scholarship Form.

Can I get a refund?
All refund requests prior to the registration cutoff date will be granted less a $10 processing fee. We don't accept requests after this as we have already incurred uniform expenses on behalf of your registered player and other association/state fees. As we rely on parent support, lack of a coach is not basis for a refund. We offer resources and mentoring for non-experienced coaches to be successful.

What are acceptable proof of age certificates?
If we don't already have a copy of your child's birth certificate, please email us a copy as a PDF file,
or mail us a copy to:
Wenatchee Soccer Club
P O Box 3619
Wenatchee, WA 98807

*Please note: The Wenatchee Soccer Club has the right to suspend any player without refund for lying about their age.