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Standards Chart

Playing Rules

Game Day Expectations & Playing Rules

Set up at the field

All coaches, players and spectators must be at least 4ft. From the touchline (sideline) to allow
players room to perform throw-ins.

During the game, coaches must remain in their technical area
near their home bench.

No coaches or spectators are allowed on the endline or near the goals.

Players are properly equipped

Jewelry is not to be worn as it is a safety issue. No earrings, necklaces, rings, watches, Fitbit or
hard head bands. A medical alert necklace or bracelet must be taped down/wrapped. Sport
glasses are recommended in case of impact. A cast must be coved by ½” closed cell foam and
inspected by the referee. A brace cannot have metal showing and must be inspected by the

Shin guards are worn underneath the socks and must be no more than 2” above the ankle.
Rubber soccer cleats or tennis shoes may be worn, but no soccer cleats with metal spikes,
football cleats, or open toed shoes.

Players are allowed to wear non-hooded jackets or sweatshirts as long as the jersey is on the
outside. (If hooded, it must be tucked into the jersey for safety) Pants, soft non-billed hats and
gloves may also be worn. All players on a team will wear the same color jersey with a number on
the back that is different from all the other players on their team (except for the goalkeeper who
must be in a different color jersey/pinne than their team and the opposing team).

Zero Tolerance Policy

Arguing, negatively commenting or yelling at officials by coaches, spectators or players will not
be tolerated. Coaches and players may be cautioned (yellow card). Spectators may be asked to
leave the area. Coaches are responsible for their sidelines and will be asked to deal with the
problem spectator. If the offending spectator cannot control their behavior, then the game will be
halted until the spectator leaves the area. If the spectator refuses to leave or returns to the area
after the game has restarted. Then, the game will be abandoned. Neither coaches nor spectators
will enter the field of play unless beckoned on by the official.

Parents/Spectators - Please use only encouraging comments towards the players and cheer for
good play from players of both teams. Make it a positive experience!

After the Game

If there are no teams waiting to play another game on the field, please help the coach return the goals to the storage area. Goals are not to be left on the field overnight.

Please pick up everything you brought to the field. No garbage should be left on the sidelines. Found items that do not belong to the team may be brought to the Field Marshal/Referee. For lost items please contact coach/club. 

Game Time 

U5-U6 # 3 ball 20x30 field 4x6 goals 2- 16 min. halves, 5 min halftime 3v3 no Goalie
U7 # 3 ball 20x30 field 4x6 goals 2- 16 min. halves, 5 min halftime 4v4 no Goalie
U8 #3 ball 25x40 field 4x6 goals 2- 20 min. halves, 5 min halftime 4v4 no Goalie
U9/10 #4 ball 40x60 field 6x18 goals 2-25 min. halves, 5 min halftime 7v7 includes Goalie
U11/12 #4 ball 50x75 field 6x18 goals 2-30 min halves, 5 min. halftime 9v9 includes Goalie
U13/14 #5 ball 50x75 field 8x24 goals 2-30 min. halves, 5 min. halftime 9v9 includes Goalie

Before game starts

The goals should be properly placed on the endline (wheels taken off if applicable) and weighed down with sandbags for safety.

If there is a referee at the game, a coin toss will determine which team kicks off and which end a team defends.

If there is no referee.Home team chooses which end to defend and away team gets kick off. This will switch for the second half. Coaches can take turns officiating the game or ask a parent to officiate. There are no referees at U5 -U7. Coaches are allowed to be on the field with the players. At U8, coaches are only allowed to be on the field if there is no referee at the game. If there is a referee at the game, the coach must allow the referee to be in charge of the game.

During the Game



After the entire ball crosses out over the touchline, the team that did not kick the ball out receives a throwin at the point where the ball left the field. A throw-in is accomplished by the player having both feet behind or on the touchline and both hands on the ball. Then, the player must bring the ball behind the head before releasing the ball onto the field while the ball is over the head. Both feet must maintain contact with the ground until after the ball is released. The player may not throw the ball directly into the ground. Opposing players must be 2 yds. away from the point where the ball left the field

Kick off, Direct kick, Indirect kick, Goal kick and Corner Kick

The player taking the kick-off may stand in the opponent’s half of the field to pass the ball back to their team. All opponents must be on their half of the field and outside the center circle until the ball is kicked.

A ball is not put into play until it is “kicked and clearly moves” Meaning the ball is kicked to a different place then where it started. The player who kicked the ball, on any of the above kicks, may not touch the ball again until another player has touched the ball. If the player does touch the ball again before another player touches it, the foul is a “double touch”, and an indirect kick is awarded to the other team.

The opposing team must respect the distance from these kicks and back up the required distance of 10 yds. A goal may be scored directly from a kick-off, corner kick, direct kick or a goal kick.

It is NOT sufficient on an indirect kick, which requires that the ball be touched by another player before entering the goal, for one player to run over and “tap” the ball on top and another player to shoot the ball into the goal. A goal scored in this manner will be rescinded and result in a goal kick for the other team. The referee will indicate that the kick is indirect by putting their arm in the air.

For U5-U8, all fouls will result in indirect kicks. Older age groups will also have direct kicks and penalty kicks. U9/10 Pk at 8 yds, U11/12 PK at 10 yds. And U13/14 PK at 12 yds

Goal kicks – Newish rules

U8 -U10 The attacking team must retreat to behind the buildout line and may not cross back in until the ball has been kicked by the defensive team from anywhere inside the goal area.

U11-U14 The attacking team must retreat to outside the penalty area and may not cross in until the ball has been kicked by the defensive team from anywhere inside the goal area.

The defending team may be inside the penalty area /(build out line area). The goal kick no longer needs to leave the penalty area before being kicked by another player. The defensive team does not have to wait for the attacking team to leave the penalty area or retreat behind the build out line to take the goal kick. However, those attacking players who remain in the restricted area, without making an attempt to leave, may not challenge for the ball. If they do, the goal kick is re-taken. 

Drop Balls – Newish rules

Drop balls are no longer contested. If play is stopped for a non-foul or if the referee is hit by the ball. Then, the referee will restart by dropping a ball to the last team in possession. The opposing team must retreat to 4.5 yds. away. The player receiving the dropped ball may dribble or kick the ball. If play is stopped inside the penalty area, then the ball will be dropped to the goalkeeper no matter what team was last in possession. The goalkeeper may pick up the ball.

General Rules

Goal keepers

Upon collection of the ball with the hands inside the penalty area, the keeper may distribute the ball by throwing or by placing the ball on the ground and kicking it. (However, the ball is considered live as soon as it is on the ground). The keeper may NOT punt or drop kick the ball. The keeper may choose to do a quick distribution or hold the ball. If the goalkeeper chooses to hold, the attacking team must retreat to behind the build out line.

U11-U14 Upon collection of the ball with the hands inside the penalty area, the keeper may distribute the ball by throwing, punting or drop kicking. Ball becomes live as soon as it touches the ground.

Challenging the Goalkeeper

No player shall make physical contact with the goalkeeper, harass the goalkeeper or attempt to play the ball once the goalkeeper has control of the ball in any manner and to any degree whatsoever (player may be cautioned). Also, included in “having control of the ball” is, if the goalkeeper holds the ball in one hand off the ground or traps the ball on the ground with one finger.

A player also may not interfere with a goalkeepers attempt to release the ball from his/her/their hands. Doing so may result in a caution.

Heading & Slide tackling

At U10 and below there is no intentional heading or slide-tackling. An indirect kick will be awarded to the other team. For all age groups - If a player is hit in the head with the ball, the game will be stopped to check on the player and a drop ball will be awarded to the last team in possession. Concussion rule applies. 


Substitutions may be made, with the consent of the referee, during any stoppage of play. The number of substitutes shall be unlimited. All players shall play at least 50% of the game. 


Offside is to be enforced at the U9-and above age divisions.

• U9-U10 The offside line is the build out line.
• U11 and above- The offside line is the half line. 

Below are a few key points to know about offside

A player is in an offside position if:

• Player is nearer to his opponents’ goal line than both the ball and the second to last opponent

A player is not in an offside position if:

• Player is in his own half of the field of play
• Player is level with the second to last opponent 

Offence -

A player in an offside position is only penalized for offside if at the moment the ball is played by one of their teammates they are, in the opinion of the referee:

Involved in active play / Interfering with play / Interfering with Opponent / Gaining an advantage

No Offence

There is no offside offence if a player receives the ball directly from: Goal kick / Throw-in / Corner kick / Pass back by the opponent / Misplayed ball by opponent

It is not an offence just to be in an offside position. 

Quick Reference Rules


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